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Sunday, February 29, 2004
  Yahoo! News - 'Lord of the Rings' Sweeps Oscars: "'Return of the King' matched the record 11 Oscar wins of 'Titanic' and 'Ben-Hur' and became only the third movie to sweep every category in which it was nominated, following 'Gigi' and 'The Last Emperor,' which both went nine-for-nine. "

OK, so I'm being anal here.. but there's never been a single movie that has had one nomination and won?  
  Frank Rich: The Joy of Gay Marriage: "More revealingly, the polls find a clear majority of those ages 18 to 29 in favor of same-sex marriage. In America, generational turnover is destiny"

This is one reason I'm somewhat bored with the current furor over gay marraige. Real change doesn't happen because the media or the courts or politicians notice an issue. By the time that happens, the real change has already occured.  
  Excerpted from the 2002 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report:: Warren Buffet on Derivaties: "Charlie and I are of one mind in how we feel about derivatives and the tradingactivities that go with them: We view them as time bombs, both for the partiesthat deal in them and the economic system" 
  Go Ahead, Underestimate the Power of Soup - What do you get when you taste-test 16 canned soups? A stomachache. By Tim�Carvell

Summary: Canned soup sucks. Good soup is good. Tanja's soup party is coming up.  
  Marinara Madness - Finally, a tournament that levels the wide world of pasta sauce. By Kelly�Alexander

Quick conclusion. Prego is the best buy.  
  You're Not Rich, but Now You Can Fake It - How Starbucks coffee, BMW cars, and Godiva chocolates have become luxuries for the masses. By Daniel�Gross: "Old Luxury goods are high-margin, low-volume products priced so only the wealthiest can afford them. You can get rich selling Old Luxury. New Luxury goods, by contrast, are not quite cheap, high-volume goods aimed at the 47 million middle-market households that make more than $50,000�Williams-Sonoma dishes, Samuel Adams beer, Victoria's Secret lingerie, Bath & Body Works Sandlewood Rose Relaxing Body Wash. You can get really rich selling New Luxury." 
Saturday, February 28, 2004
  salon :: :: people :: bc :: John McEnroe, By Larry Platt :: Page 2: "In that year, McEnroe may have been the best player ever. He won 82 matches and lost just three, the highest winning percentage (.965) since the dawning of the Open era. His 6-1, 6-1, 6-2 dismantling of Connors in the Wimbledon final was arguably the most dominating display in modern tennis history: 78 percent of his slicing first serves in, most of them unreturned by the game's greatest returner, and perhaps the most astounding statistic in the sport's annals, only two unforced errors in the entire match. The angled volleys were sharper, the drop shots deadlier, the serve more meticulously placed than ever before. And this wasn't just anybody he was carving up on center court; this was Connors, one of sports' all-time competitors, who couldn't get back in the match." 
  salon :: :: people :: bc :: Garry Trudeau, By David Rubien :: Page 2: "Al Capp once said of Trudeau, 'Anybody who can draw bad pictures of the White House four times in a row and succeed knows something I don't. His style defies all measurement.' " 
  salon :: :: people :: bc :: Charles Schulz, By Steve Burgess :: Page 1: " In a strip published over two decades ago, Charlie Brown walks his familiar, barren suburban sidewalk, jeered at by a succession of passersby. ('Hey Charlie Brown, is that your head or are you hiding behind a balloon? HA HA HA HA HA!') Arriving home, he boots a radio across the room after hearing the announcer say, 'And what, in all this world, is more delightful than the gay wonderful laughter of little children?' "

Who was it that I recently argued the merits of peanuts with?  
  salon :: :: people :: bc :: Matt Groening, By Carina Chocano :: Page 1

It's a damned shame that futurama was cancelled. It was a fine show. Probably expensive to produce tho.  
  FT.com Home US: Subscription required, I'm afraid. "Cricket in the subcontinent is taken far too seriously.
The same cannot be said for war. In an opinion poll recently, a group of Pakistani academics found that fewer than 25 per cent of their compatriots knew what a nuclear weapon was. There have been similar findings in India. At a guess, more than 50 per cent would correctly identify a googly (a clever type of curve-ball)." 
  Salon.com Sex | The professor of smoochology: "Feb. 26, 2004 | It is one hour to showtime, the lips have not arrived, and Michael Christian is starting to pace. 'We need couples!' he keeps saying, his voice getting ever more insistent, almost threatening. What he really needs is a group of college students willing to kiss each other onstage -- or rather, willing to demonstrate 30 different kisses with perfect strangers in an hour-long comedic performance." 
  U.S. News: John Leo: A kick where it's needed(2/23/04): "When is the word 'diversity' not tolerated on campus? When someone tries to put the word 'intellectual' "

"Horowitz unleashed a barrage of statistics to show how lopsided liberal universities are in hiring professors, picking outside speakers, and granting honorary degrees. He says there are 10 Democratic professors for every Republican one, with the disparity rising sharply at many elite universities.
  MSN Money - 5 ways to get auto insurance discounts - Insure your car: "21st Century Group (formerly 20th Century) has found that drivers with degrees in engineering are lower risks than other drivers. If you have a bachelor's degree in any number of engineering or science-related fields -- biochemistry, mathematics or mechanical engineering, for example -- you can get a discount on your auto insurance premium if you buy from them." 
  MSNBC - A Cautionary Tale: " As a franchise player, Manning would earn in excess of $18 million next year, or about 23% of the team’s entire payroll under the salary cap. NFL teams have until Tuesday to comply with the 2004 salary cap; open season on free agents begins the very next day. Even if Manning and the Colts work out a more cap-friendly, long-term agreement, Indy will almost certainly have to shed valuable talent to accommodate this year’s more expensive version of the same guy." "Maybe some day a really smart quarterback will actually demonstrate it. Instead of buying his offensive line a steak dinner or even a Rolex, he will reject the megamoney, settling for just huge money, and insist that the rest be spread around to bolster his team. Because, of course, that ultimately bolsters his stature and could even significantly prolong his career. First guy to do that, well, I�ll write a parable about him." 
  Presidential candidates are paying particular attention to Ohio, though, and it’s 20 electoral votes because it is considered a bellwether state and because of its past record in determining who wins the nation’s top post. No Republican candidate has ever lost Ohio and won the presidency, and only two Democratic presidents—Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy—have lost in Ohio but won the national election. “Ohio is widely regarded as a representative sample of the country,” says Adams. “They [the candidates] don’t dare tempt fate.” 
  MSNBC - All Eyes on Ohio

Apparently, Ohio decides presidential elections. I can't say that's very encouraging.. it seems to have been leaning republican recently.  
  You'll be glad to know I've inquired of the Washington Post this important question.  
  : "By law, you must be at least 13 years of age to register with our Web site.
If you are younger than 13, please visit washingtonpost.com/kidspost. If you inadvertently entered an incorrect year of birth, close this windown to return to Registration and enter your correct year of birth. "

Why the heck do you have to be at least thirteen to read the washington post. What stupid "law" is that? And what dumbass twelve year old wouldn't just lie about his birthday?  
Friday, February 27, 2004
  CBC News Indepth: Space: "First they have to get the government's attention for a project that will cost $6 billion. The space elevator team sees hope in the announcement that U.S. President George W. Bush wants to send America to the moon and Mars, now that China's moving quickly forward."

Carbon nanotubes seem like a better investment than putting a man on mars... 
  Economist.com | Lexington:

"But the Bushes don't have a reputation as the Corleone family of the Republican Party for nothing. The next time Mr Cheney takes that jet to go duck-shooting, he may well find James Baker slipping into the seat behind him, with “a litl' proposal to discuss for the good of the party”."
  Economist.com | America's corporate trials: "The danger is that, by throwing a few bosses to the lions, the government will satisfy the public's thirst for blood and thus ease pressure for deeper, system-wide reform. " 
  Economist.com | Semiconductors 
  Economist.com | Economics focus: "the present value of the American government's future obligations, taking into account promised pensions and health-care benefits, is a staggering $45 trillion. " 
  Some unrevealing statistics: "Reversing a decline in numbers that hit bottom in the 1960's, membership in the American Contract Bridge League increased by 2,000 in the last year, to 165,000. Those numbers suggest a significant demographic shift in the bridge-playing public. Five years ago the average age of members was 68, said Linda Granell, the bridge league's marketing director. Now, she said, a quarter of its members are younger than 45, and 62 percent are younger than 54."

Why can't she just tell us the current average age?

RITUALS: No Bridge Mix for This Crowd
  Wow. That sucks.

Nearly Half of Black Men Found Jobless

  Hummer vs. Prius - The surprising winner in the war for America's auto soul. By Daniel�Gross 
  Expect a lot of Slate, nytimes, slashdot... perhaps keeping a record of what I read will motivate me to expand my sources.  
  Checkered Flag - Why flag football is America's dirtiest college sport. By Josh�Levin

Flag football leagues. Possibly of interest to ultimate fans.  
Just a list of interesting things I read online that my friends and family might be interested in.

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